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So it seems the Eternal Empire has actually been hiding out in Wild Space. That seems surprising, since I would've thought Wild Space would be much more traveled than the Rishi Maze. Furthermore, I wish we knew of some other planets that make up this Empire. We only visited Zakuul, so we never got a chance to see just how much territory Arcann holds.

...Also, where were the Shadow of Revan and Ziost references we were told about?

Irregardful, I want to thank everyone who shared this thread with me. It's been great fun conspiring with you all!

First and foremost, I feel I should explain why I created this thread. During the initial hype that came with the announcement of Knights of the Fallen Empire, I made a thread in the General Discussion about where I believed this New Empire was hiding. It later came to me that my theory belonged more in the Story and Lore forum than the General Discussion, so I'm copy-pasting it here.

Sidebar: if there's any issue with having two very similar threads, both created by me, I will request Bioware lock my initial thread.

Spoilers for the Inquisitor story.

And that's where I believe the Eternal Empire is hiding.
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