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01.19.2020 , 02:30 AM | #39
Yeah i get that but the annoying thing is that most groups will ether never use 1, use all of them at once or only use them at the end of fight.

It's gotten to the point that i now just sit on one and will only move if i damn well have to and even then i leave my teleport marker on one (been playing alot of sniper and sorc lately) and even then some bosses take up so much space i can't even click the kolto anyway.

I've had to yell at so meny groups now to use the damn things when they see someone nearly dead to get them to do anything which i don't like doing, i never like to yell at people in a video game to get them to do something which is a pretty obvious thing to do the person corrently getting their teeth kicked might need some healing lets use a kolto tank instead of them just look at you and go like *** you want me to do about it.