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01.18.2020 , 06:44 PM | #37
I don't mind getting the same flashpoints over and over even if it is quite annoying.

What annoy's the crap outta me is the just vast amount of difficulty curving their is for each flashpoints and mode.

Hammerstation on ether vet or master easy as pie, kuat well i hope the group is decent because those mobs are going to hurt because their is nothing else their to kill you and god help you if you get the jedi boss, fallen emp well i don't even think i need to speak of the mando boss he has been broken for years and every time they fix it i sware it only lasts like 5 days before he breaks again.

I understand that master mode is ment to be the harder one but honestly i find doing master easier then doing vets nowadays for a few reasons, 1 when you are tanking the boss no one ever hits the damn kolto tanks to heal you i mean seriously i'm holding the boss in place you are right next to the damn thing hit it to help a teammate out, 2 the aggro is just wonky if you ever play a healer in vet you know what i'm on about the moment you cast 1 heal it's almost like every mob in the area just looks at you and just goes oh no you didn't just heal this guy we are trying to kill it's your turn and just proceeds to starting melting you.