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I answer this one time to you, so enjoy. I don't normally feed forum trolls.

Theron is not stupid. He never was, and he still isn't. Suddenly writers of SWTOR lost their mind and decided to trash his character. It is bad writing. How about we stop pretending that Theron Shan is a real person who is responsible for anything, because he isn't. He is a fictional character, thus he can't be responsible for what he does. The people who write him are the responsible ones. They created him. Theron didn't do anything. Writers did.

Now that we got that cleared, we can go to them wanting to write some drama. That is well and all. Traitor-arc has plenty of it. In order to get the drama they seemed to want, they trashed Therons character and made him to be a total idiot. To accomplish that they had to create a story so stupid and so full of plot holes a kidergardener can see them without any effort. People can of course rationalise that story to their advantage (like you just did) because it servers their biases, but it is still irrational, illogical nonsense from beginning to the end. It is simply bad writing. You can show that plot to anyone who is a professional writer and they will agree with me.

People like you are the reason we lost Theron for good. You embraced the steaming pile of turd that is the Nathema-storyline, just to get rid of Theron. Your hateboners are now taken care of, I would assume, but still you can't stop bringing it up and gloating about it. Theron is not in your game anymore, so what do you care? To top of that, he is not in our game either. So it is a win/win for you, right?

Yet only people I really want to blame about all this are the writers of this travesty. They should've known better. They once created a very good character called Theron Shan. For some reason some of the writers decided it is time to throw Theron under the bus. Because Theron Shan is an imaginary character, just pixels, they could do whatever they wanted to do with him, and this is what they wanted.