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Nathema - Theron wakes up Zildrog.

Now at this point I'm unsure on how much time has passed since Copero to Nathema but it's been long enough for the Order to set up a base while drilling into a temple. so I'm not sure what Theron's thought process was here. Wait and see what happens?

Having made it this far the Order recruits other people who have a grudge against the Player (Agent in this case) and these people blindly get fed to wake up Zildrog. Watcher II Why?!

Then Zildrog wakes up and uses the gravestone to destroy a bulk of the Eternal Fleet before being destroyed taking the Gravestone with it.
I don't recall Theron dressing up as a Gemini droid ordering Zildrog to destroy the fleet. If you are going to get angry, you may as well have all the facts in one place.

Theron did give the order the location of the vault, but that was the extend of his involvement. Gemini 16 wanted to be the only gemini droid in existence and identified itself as feminine programming, meaning she was always aiming for Parricide regardless since she wanted to eradicate her own sisters.

Vinn Atrius wanted Genocide, the entire destruction of the alliance and its people, so completely for his 2 dimensional revenge because his people were no longer strong any more, and in his own mind it was the outlander who caused all the problems when in fact Valkorion sent EE fleet out orginally to conduct raids on the empire and republic outposts to test their strength and predictably their reaction. The misguided fool believed his own lies and own sense of right.

Theron had nothing to do with what it is they wanted from Zildrog, infact while i'm sure he was aware they had plans on the alliance, i doubt even Theron knew the depths of their desires extended to something this destructive.