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I'm sorry but the entire traitor arc leans towards him being a complete moron.

Iokath - He reignited the war on Iokath just to get close to the Order of Zildrog.

So by this point he's already identified the leader of the Order, spoken to him and he knows about the order being responsible for the uprisings across the galaxy.

Umbara - Vinn sends Theron to Umbara to pick up some crystals to prove himself useful to the Order of Zildrog.

Theron does so and this results in the death of many Umbarans who for whatever reason already have a grudge against the Alliance. So from their perspective, the Alliance just raided one of their convoy trains and killed several dozen of their soldiers.

Copero - Theron is sent to find a map ... then gives it to the Order of Zildrog.

This is where I made up my mind ... He and Valss were the only ones to know of the exact location for this supposed super weapon. Valss is killed leaving Theron the only one who knows the exact location ... instead of telling the Alliance, he gives the information to the Order of Zildrog, turning them from an annoyance into a serious threat.

In addition the Alliance has just got involved in a Chiss internal conflict.

Space Station - Theron and Lana

Theron and Lana have a super secret method of communication they invented on Rishi which only the two of them can understand ... That would have been useful to know... at the f*cking start of this mess! Couldn't he have just left Lana a coded message on a padd?!

As for the space station, we don't know how long the Order was operating from there, though they were there long enough to put their banners up all over the place ... couldn't he have maybe leaked the location to us?!

Nathema - Theron wakes up Zildrog.

Now at this point I'm unsure on how much time has passed since Copero to Nathema but it's been long enough for the Order to set up a base while drilling into a temple. so I'm not sure what Theron's thought process was here. Wait and see what happens?

Having made it this far the Order recruits other people who have a grudge against the Player (Agent in this case) and these people blindly get fed to wake up Zildrog. Watcher II Why?!

Then Zildrog wakes up and uses the gravestone to destroy a bulk of the Eternal Fleet before being destroyed taking the Gravestone with it.
Maybe i should correct myself a little: he has not been stupid BEFORE. Everything you say here is exactly what i was talking about. They have written him to do things that would totally make sense if they were done by Koth but don't really fit into what Theron has been this far. I guess he really had that lobotomy.