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I don't support this. It's already easy enough to get all 67 when you're max level. I did all 67 in about 2 days and it only took me a few hours. Asking for this feature is just being lazy and it's not a quality of life request at all.
Lazy? I'm sorry, but that's a stupid argument to apply to a game.

People who don't want to take the shuttle to the orbital station and then to the planet are lazy.
People who use speeders, or even sprint, are lazy.
People who use group finder are lazy.
People who use quick travel are lazy - and don't even get me started on the emergency fleet pass!
People who use any of the legacy perks are lazy.
People who mail credits to an alt are lazy.

I'm not saying it should be removed from the game. I will say that this game is too grind-y as it is, and doesn't need more grind.
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