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Mercs are actually pretty terrible node guards... snipers are decent at it, stealths are honestly the best at it, but outside of that the best node guard is probably a powertech because shoulder cannons.

The point is, stealth capping is something a shadow has the potential to do that my guardian cannot do. Again, its a hit and run playstyle. Backstabby classes aren't my thing personally but assassin is obviously supposed to be a bsckstabby type class.
don't see how its a ranged spec! if you guard at your maximum range and get sapped the sapper has to move all the way over to the node by that time most of stun is up. as soon as it ends fire off best ranged attack .....cap.stopped. If two stealth then 2 guards both at range and opposite one another at least 10 meters apart to avoid both being sapped by operative's flash bang again it takes each sapper to much time to make it to pylon to cap it your stun is dam near over before he starts the cap. Once ends fire off you ranged attack lightning, missile's, whatever.