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Quote: Originally Posted by KendraP View Post
because different classes are good at different things

As a vigi guardian all i bring to the table is high aoe damage and taunts. I have no other team utility. If i went focus, I'd have low mobility burst on a melee class.

As a shadow you have among the best team utility, I'd say the better stealth was a good operative, personally. But stealth, utilized well, is far more crucial to a team than aoe damage (at least outside of arenas).

I was in a hypergates with 3 juggies, we lost to a numerically inferior team with an operative. He stealthed our guard in the last 20s of the crucial round. That is the power of a stealth class in team play.
Stun lock? Really it should happen to you once and then you should learn to camp away from the node and have INC pre-typed! That is just neophyte vs veteran. Against someone who knows how to play he can't cap a node that way because by the time he makes it back to the node the stun is almost over plus you can't be stunned cause your white barred and you can leap, saber throw whatever before he caps! So now your power of stealth is rendered moot. The only exception to that is multiple stealth's which is easily countered by two guards.