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You and the devs refuse to see the impact that a 1 vs 1 encounter has. You completely ignore it and write it off as oh it's a team match. If it ain't balanced 1 vs 1 how in the hell is it balanced when you have 3 jugs in a match?
because different classes are good at different things

As a vigi guardian all i bring to the table is high aoe damage and taunts. I have no other team utility. If i went focus, I'd have low mobility burst on a melee class.

As a shadow you have among the best team utility, I'd say the better stealth was a good operative, personally. But stealth, utilized well, is far more crucial to a team than aoe damage (at least outside of arenas).

I was in a hypergates with 3 juggies, we lost to a numerically inferior team with an operative. He stealthed our guard in the last 20s of the crucial round. That is the power of a stealth class in team play.