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If we agree you need to define what you mean. Mercs have excellent damage reduction or avoidance DCDs in addition to range and superior kiting tools to guardians, not to mention that as a healing capable class they have "spammable" heals.

Snipers work by keeping you away from them (engineering's fire puddle is the bane of my existence), and also have good DCDs but there are no snipers topping a healing chart or eating damage - if i can stay on one, i can kill it, but it has far more ways to get away from me than i have to get back to him.

Guardians have FD. It doesnt reflect all non-aoe damage like a mercs does (our reflect doesn't do that either). We do not get other DCDs like a sentinel does explicitly because we get FD. Frankly, I would rather have more DR based DCDs or an anti-focus and less reliance on FD healing because FD is absurdly easy to burst through by two or more players (and again, i don't bother with 1v1).

So if you do not think guardians are as op as mercs or snipers defensively, please stop lumping us together. Because i will respond every time i notice this claim. Concentration sentinels for instance are probably in a far better spot than vigi and definately focus guardians, and i have seen complaints about them too.
You and the devs refuse to see the impact that a 1 vs 1 encounter has. You completely ignore it and write it off as oh it's a team match. If it ain't balanced 1 vs 1 how in the hell is it balanced when you have 3 jugs in a match?

So yes 1 vs 1 matters because as long as you have " I WIN CLASSES" you upset the balance and impose a barrier that NON "I WIN CLASSES" have to over come which increases with every said class added to that team. This is the reason why only certain classes are desired in ranked and others are frowned upon and discouraged. It is also the reason most typical pvp matches consist of no less than 3 mercs, 3 jugs and at least one sniper. It is also why you get lumped with the rest !