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i said so when i wrote this:

I do believe that's what I said earlier kite and avoid melee, don't attack when stuff is up i've done it and it takes a long time compared to other classes and while they don't rise quite to the level of merc's and snipers it still op you get at least 1 maybe 1.5 extra lives vs the 3 that mercs and snipers get. For the DPS you put out its to much. Take mercs and snipers out of the que and jugs DPS if they know how to run the class are always top dog. Best Damage reduct in game and Don't even get me started on the whole tossing us across the map either that should be nerfed and turned into a stun like our knock down was!
Then we still substively disagree.

1v1 if your opponent doesn't know what the buff looks like or if you time it well (i.e. dots ) FD is a second life. Multiple opponents, however I've used FD and not even noticed it because i was killed so fast.

I think negating .mercs and snipers, concentration sentinels would be the new kings.

Also, don't shadows get an aoe knockback or did they make that sage only too (ala phasewalk)?