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Fact of the matter is you cannot multi-task in this game, you can't off-heal as a merc, and have good dps. That doesn't make any sense, so from the get-go, you're committing to a style, albeit dps.
Push comes to shove, a situation occurs where a combat res is necessary, or desperation heals.
A merc shouldn't even flinch of hesistate to do so, because it's part of their class demograph, whereas a sniper, doesn't even have the option available. Sniper's should be able to comfortably boast higher utility that lends itself to dealing damage, or having quasi-support functions, that allow their team mates to gain opportunistic damage, simply put, your presence, is not just dealing damage, but boosting everyone elses damage also, due to the tools and utilities you bring as a dps only class.
Utility like sniper shield? One of the most sought after abilities in raiding? Maras also bring some utility as well in the form of predation and bloodthirst.
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