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You may have seen me before (my juggernaut's name is Makrgo ). I like to see someone writing a guide for such an undervalued spec atm .
Ha, the one person who's been able to beat me so far. Personally I swap between the two specs a lot. I prefer Vigilance in PvE content most of the time, and I like Focus for PvP. I've started to warm up to Focus for PvE content, though, and since the DPS is comparable now, I think it's important to know both and be able to swap between the two as the fight dictates. You wouldn't really want to use Focus for, say Grob'Thok because of how tasty that AoE is, nor would it be ideal for fights where sustained-single target damage is important. But in fights with heavy target swapping and thus lost DoT uptime, I think Focus is the better choice.