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5.6 is here, and this is still not fixed.

When creating a Cathar, the fur color 3 option will now be consistent regardless of what Cathar head is chosen.
...actually, no, it hasn't. Not for previously-created cathar, at least. Now *nothing* is working correctly for previously-created cathar: the fur colors across *all* heads and *all* colors are noticeably wrong.
There's still a noticeable orange tint to every brown fur color and every gray/white/black fur color has a bluish tint to the head (except perhaps fur color #7). The fur color should be the color present on the body, not the odd color on the head.
Fur color #1
Fur color #2
Fur color #3
Fur color #4
Fur color #5
Fur color #6
Fur color #7 - this one doesn't seem to be too bad, actually - there's still a visible "seam" where the neck meets the torso, but the colors themselves seem to match fairly well.
Fur color #8
Fur color #9
Fur color #10 - this one is less noticeable, but there is still a bluish tint to the head that isn't present on the body.

Any chance of a fix to restore the proper colors? They should be the color of the body all over, not the color of the (current bugged) head. I know this isn't "working as intended," because previous to 5.0, my cathar (fur color #1 on the list here) had the medium brown on her face that was on her body. Other people have posted screenshots of their female cathar with noticeable discolorations, as well.
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