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While the 4 piece is kinda lack luster for PvP I use it all the time for PvE. Being able to instant cast Fusion missile followed by an instant TM when Priming Shot is on CD is nice. In arsenal my heat hardly ever gets pushed to the point where an extra 5 seconds off of a power surge CD would really be useful. I can however, see how it would be useful for IO.

The easiest route would probably just to increase the 2 set bonus to 3% for 15 seconds and drop the CD for the autocrit to 45 seconds instead of a minute.

But, seeing how we're talking about the merc/mando set bonus, is the 4 piece healer bonus working yet?

Last time I looked, it wasn't.
My deal with power surge is it has a 15 second cool down reduction in talent points. Another 5 off of that is very lackluster compared to a TSO reduciton of say 10 or 15 seconds. In AOE heavy fights on arsenal, I use TSO on cool down (Commanders, Malaphor, Sparky, Torque). Or any AOE heavy instance. I also look at the benefit for IO in getting an extra heat ramping phase in a 5 minute fight.

I am talking PvE btw. PvP set bonuses should remain separate from PvE.