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So I took a look at engineering spec yesterday and it seems ike i need a lot of abilities on my main bar as compared to the other specs. Am i wrong in thinking this? I didn't know what i needed to get off my bar for either pve or pvp to palce some of the spec specific abilities
Out of the three specs, yes, Engineering has the most abilities to use. If you take a look through the guide, I believe I've mentioned every useful PvE ability that should be used either for direct damage or as a utility (say Pulse Detonator/Cover Pulse for Nightmare Styrak). If you want to talk PvP, I'd recommend looking at Zoidrinali's videos (The Angry Sniper on Youtube).

As for updates on the spec itself, I still actually need to get gear on my Sniper/Gunslinger (most likely sniper) in order to do testing, so I won't have results for a little bit. I'm going to work on grinding out the SM stuff over the next couple weeks so I can relay this information to all the fellow cool kids. (Not having accuracy sucks, especially since you can miss explosive probes )
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