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Glad to see that you like the changes

I haven't seen any big change in my numbers yet, but I think its because I need to do a few minor adjustments to my playstyle.
I do think it have become a little easier to control my heat though, with more critical reaction procs. It might just be a placebo!

If you got any suggestions dont hold back! I would like to try out new ideas and playstyles

I'd need to see a parse. Typically, things like APM (attack per minute), more people being grouped up for kolto missile, people not standing in circles during dread council, and never stoping heals (even if it means overhealing) are the simplest ways to boost your HPS. My best parses came when my team was helping me boost my numbers by grouping up and my APM was around 34. Also, to get high EHPS, you essentially have to be solo healing or be in NiM content.

Hopefully this helps,
Thank you.