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Yeah we lucked out
Glad to see you found a reason for returning! Helps when the doomsaying does it's obligatory laps/rounds.
Plus we can never have to many in here <3
It was a pleasant surprise because I remember playing Fallen Empire for the first time and was taken back by how the idea of him being a romance for my main JC just randomly popped into my head when he wasn't even given the choice of being redeemed yet. A few years later I watched someone play chapter 6 in KOTET and that's when I realized there was definitely something about Arcann that seemed like a flirt option should have been added when talking about his maskless face. After that I got invested in MEA and then discovered the wonders of Fallout and lost track. When I heard news about this game at SWC in April I decided to check in on it and the moment I saw that option, I knew I could complete my story in the perfect way I dreamed of back then, so I returned and have been enjoying it even more after a long break!

What I love about his romance, is my JC never seemed right with anyone she could romance and after redeeming Arcann, you spend a lot of time with him, fighting together to defeat his corrupted family. You share moments of encouragement and heartfelt words. You can understand why by the end, he had fallen for your character, so when my JC had a moment of peace to relax and contemplate, Arcann's message to meet with her and their confessions just matched how I played her through the whole game. She really didn't realize her feelings until that moment and knew there could be no one else. It felt like an actual slow burn love story. It helps that I played from start to finish too, so the story flowed without waiting for the next chapter. That way I could see the development of their relationship.

I also like the romance because it comes after everything has happened, and she never broke her code when she was a true Jedi years ago. Once she became Empress of the Eternal Alliance, she knew things had changed, she had and changed and this is what she wanted. After things with Theron settled, her and Qyzen reunited with Felix and Nadia and now she's starting to feel whole again. She just hopes Tharan/Holiday and Zenith are doing alright.

Anyways I'm a very optimistic, glass is full type of woman, so hopefully I can keep things a bit cheery around here.