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08.01.2017 , 10:44 AM | #6
I am hoping we don't get Star Wars as we know and love it solely due to that means dull and boring to me. I want them to do something we don't know and don't love yet. The films already repave the same road enough for me. Novels used to repave it some more and this game open with the same road being worked on again. Its a major reason I liked the last two expansions, it was different if somewhat familiar ground. Just not familiar to Star Wars of what little I've consumed over the years. So I'd like for them to go beyond the tried and true. Iokath is already a bit disappointing for striving so hard to get back to where we started. I hope that Umbara doesn't continue the trend. I'd like them to attempt something new again within the universe.

I had hoped the Alliance would be more influential than its turning out to be. We've basically put on the familiar yoke of working for one of the factions. They talk that we're sort of like partners but so far, I'd say we're doing whatever the Republic or Empire wishes and not what we wish. I haven't seen any talk of destroying the superweapon because its too dangerous for anyone to possess. Instead we're after it to keep the Empire or Republic in check like we will not destroy it but might even have plans to use it. Though we believe it should be destroyed. I'm sure it will be but I'm starting to think it won't be because we choose to destroy it. Maybe an option but that thing is going to malfunction or something of that nature.

With Umbara, I'd like to see some personal crisis that is just on Umbara. Perhaps initiated by it. But personal for us and our companions. Perhaps even driving the some apart before coming back together. A need to see how great our power is and how useless. Hopefully not another world destroying weapon that we race to retrieve before the bad guys or before its use. Since I like to think of my character a team with Lana and Theron, that's where I'd like to focus but I know others want their originals back so hopefully we get those back and then get to decide who makes up our personal team from that point on since I don't want to lose my favorites either. But I'm bracing for disappointment in that regard. I never got that close to my originals, well one so I need T7 to stay too

Expectations are probably going to be too high to ever reach.