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10.12.2020 , 09:23 AM | #9991
This is one long thread, 1000 pages of replies now!

Yesterday morning, I joined a PuG for Dread Palace GF. As far as PuGs go, this was one of the smoother ones, but still chaotic regardless.

The group leader, a healer, disconnected in the middle of Bestia. The other healer was left to solo heal the rest of the fight and Tyrans as well. Between that time and the group leader reconnecting on the second go against Calphy, these things happened:
  • We wiped on trash because someone pulled the groups on Calphy's and Raptus's doors early.
  • On the first Calphy run, a sorc pulled the tank into the wrong portal when it was time to split by frames. Since this was the left frame that the tank was pulled from and the healer was still MIA, that left me and another DPS on the left portal. That, and the other guy forgot about the crystals. Calphy wiped the floor with us.

Second try we managed to do it, with no inexplicable sorc pulls in the middle of the fight. Now, there's a newer dps in this group who did run DP previously, but stated that the previous group didn't complete it. So mid-fight on Raptus, I noticed he had taken a purple crystal:

Me: "<New guy>, take the red crystal."
Someone else: "The one on the right."

Due to the crystal confusion and one of the healers taking the wrong crystal as well, Raptus got buffed twice on the first set of challenges. Everything went smoothly the next time around, fortunately, and Raptus didn't bug out like he usually does. I explained the fight for Dread Council, and aside from losing aggro on Calphy twice (Dread Font pools went everywhere,) we got it in one try.