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just another pve terrible marauder that doesn't realize that with gear his class is the most powerful.

Because he has no idea how to play.

BTW, Merc have the same amount of cc we do. More Burst, and more mitigation. I don't see the issue?

The misconception of sorcs do massive damage all comes from wrath and deathfield.

I use it CONSTANTLY when targets are stacked together because its my main dps ability which hits for the same amount on every target it hits. It doesn't crit for massive amounts. But it does do a decent amount of damage.

The class that does the LOWEST burst and single target damage should be doing the MOST overall damage or the class is useless. Grow up, Accept that you aren't very good and Move on. Also, No good sorc goes half lightning, Just to CL. 20% DF and dot crits are much better.
Merc/Commando having the same CC as a Sorc/Sage? Can I please come to your fantasy land? Because that statement is just factually untrue.

Just to compare:

Shield(Insta cast heal, awesome scaling, appliable to others, run speed buff(talented)) -> nothing
aoe knockback(20s cooldown, 8m range), with talents immoblizes for up to 5s, unlimited targets -> aoe knockback(30s(20s talented) cooldown, 4m range(8m talented), with 4s slow, max 5 targets
speed boost -> nothing
30m 6s slow, 12s cooldown -> nothing
30m Ranged Interupt, 4s(6s talented) lockout, 12s cooldown-> nothing
Extrication -> nothing
4s stun 60s cooldown(50s talented), deals damage -> 4s stun 60s cooldown, no damage
3s 50% channeled slow -> nothing or 25 pts in gunnery for 50% channeld slow
force armor aoe sleep(talented) -> stock strike single target knockback(talented)
in combat rez -> nothing

That's a lot of nothing that the other ranged dps/healer class gets. It's also nice that i get to spend talent points to make my abilities have the same effects that sage/sorc get base line. The only thing that commando/mercenary gets base line that sage/sorc doesn't is a 12second 25% damage reduction with a 2 minute cooldown. Your opponent would have to do 12k damage or more in 12seconds for that to be better. The downside is that reactive shield has a 2 minute cooldown, compared to the 20s cooldown on force armor and reactive shield can not be cast on other people.

On armor:
Most dps classes have ~50% armor reduction, or deal elemental/internal damage, so to say that 30% mitigation vs 15% mitigation is meaningful is about as truthful as saying that sorc/sage has better defense due to having twice the base avoidance chance(10% vs 5%).