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01.15.2018 , 07:18 AM | #4
I'm just now revisiting my Guardian, so I had a look around the interwebs, asked a few questions from some excellent tanks I grouped with whilst running DPS, and then visited the GTN to get up to spec on gear and stats so I can then start tanking myself and grinding out set pieces. I will do the same for Vigilance at somepoint.

It's important to note I could've just bought a set of Eternal Commander gear from the vendors and used it, but that stats are far lower and the rate at which you level up in Galactic Command would leave me mishmashed, this way I can craft my stats to near where they should be and gain the set pieces as I level.

  • A full set of Gemini MK-4 Bastion Implants, Earpiece and Force shield
  • A full set of Gemini MK-4 Asylum armour
  • Relics of Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution (I considered the defensive Relics and as they are cheap I will likely pick them up at somepoint the 'on use' clicky CD ones mind you)
  • Lightsaber: Advanced Resistive Hilt, Advanced Warding Mod, Advanced Bastion Enhancement
  • 1x Advanced Shield Augment (having one Shield rating augment takes me just over 50%)
  • 13x Advanced Absorb Augments (Absorb is woefully low, from 20% approx. Absorb with no augments, to 45% approx. Absorb with augments)

This lot cost me around 20,000,000 credits - which to me is acceptable to be able to hit 246 Item Rating.

In Defense spec, I am around 116k health, with 50% Shield, 45% approx. Absorb

Overall it works well, I just need to work on my tanking and use of CDs.