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Hey guys, what relics do you use for Guardian Tanking? I have a 246 Defense Equip relic, 246 Shield Equip Relic, and a 242 Absorb Equip relic.

Curious as to what's best. Also, what stat priority do you guys use? I have been augmenting with 12 absorb and 2 shield.

Thanks guys!
There are several thoughts on the relics. I sometimes go with shield amplification and reactive warding and other times just with the dps ones. I know one guy who even goes for the clicky tank relics because then he uses them as essentially an extra dcd (note this guy is a VG so can use all the defensive help he can get lol).

As for def/shield/absorb balance i go for the relatively simple route of warding b mods with low def/high endurance/high tertiary enhancements, augmenting so that shield and absorb are roughly equal. honestly I have no idea what is "ideal" any more but this works for me.