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I saw that you can put another players gear on the workbench window(though the preview window and right clicking+ctrl) and if you right click one of the mods it gives you the price to remove it. so can you actually put mods into another players gear or remove them?
If someone gives you their gear, then sure. But that can only happen if the gear is Bind on Equip, because if it isn't they can't give it to you. With that said, once you mod a gear piece it becomes bound to you so you can't give it back. So in a sense you can mod other people's gear if they give it to you, but then it becomes yours forever and ever, unless you sell it to a vendor of course, and you can't give it back, and if that was the case why would you even mod someone elses gear in the first place and most importantly why would they give it to you. <awkward silence moment> Just kidding . But yeah if someone gives you a gear piece and you mod it than it becomes bound to you and you can't give it back.