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Thank you Matt for stopping by and watching our raid yesterday!

We noticed the following issues that IMO must be fixed before the boss is released:
  • After killing the boss, I still could not release to area start; the option was grayed out.
  • The achievement category now has a background image but it is still missing a name.
  • Sometimes, adds would spawn without entering combat; they would remain in their spawn position until we attacked them. As you can see in this screenshot, there are clearly adds standing in the distance but they don't appear as red dots on the minimap. It looks like this was introduced with the newest patch as we had never seen it during the previous patches. I saw it happen to both the adds hatching from eggs and to Royal Guards.
  • Tanks don't receive enough notification when being stunned by Overhead Skewer, so they often forget to use stun break or do a tank swap. Please turn the ability from an instant to a short cast (like 1 second), or add a red raid warning text.
    In theory, players could write a StarParse timer since the stun always happens at the same time into the fight but I don't think that third party mods should be required for a boss fight.

Here are some other issues that may or may not require fixing:
  • We spent a lot of time looking at Pheromonic Multi-Blast (PMB) and we can say with certainty that what's killing us is not the damage from the ability but the amount of adds that are spawning. If DPS positioned themselves correctly, we wouldn't get a lot of adds but in the hecticness of a boss fight, this is hard to avoid.
    A good compromise would be to only have two circles for the first 2-4 times PMB is casted, and then increase it to three circles. This would give groups with low DPS a little more breathing room.
  • We had a long debate on Staggering Strike. It is an overcomplicated mechanic that most groups will not understand, and if left unchanged, will cause many player deaths on the live servers. However, if the group otherwise makes no mistakes, they can just use their battle rezz (and stealth rezzes) and still kill the boss.
    The two main issues we had with Staggering Strike are that 1) Tanks would often lose aggro and the Staggering Strike would hit a DPS player, oftentimes killing him. 2) Players had trouble seeing the Concentrate cast and the subsequent Staggering Strike animation.
    The first issue is caused by the Guard's threat decay buff. The second issue is mostly a L2P issue, maybe amplified because of high latency from Europe to the PTS.
    Nevertheless, we think that the boss is already in a good state and does not need more nerfs. So we'd recommend to leave Staggering Strike as it is.
  • It is still possible to enter the outer poison areas without getting the Hive Goo DoT. You mentioned that an engineer has already fixed it so I guess we'll see it in the next patch. In any case, this is not a major issue as the Hive Goo DoT makes little difference on whether or not a group can kill the boss.

Regarding the other issues you mentioned:
  • Visibility of Egg States: Both the cracked and the red eggs are now much more visible, thank you very much for this change! We tested it in both low and high graphics settings and were easily able to notice the different egg states. The pulsating is not too noticeable from a distance but we can still see the red color. I also really like the bubbles on eggs that were hit by the Caustic Drone spit.
  • Differentiating Lacerators vs Berserkers: While there is a visual difference, in the midst of a boss fight we don't have time to look at the appearance, we can only only look at the nameplates. Changing the Lacerators to strong (silver) made a huge difference, thank you very much! For example, in this screenshot you can easily make out the Berserker from the ten Lacerators; this was not possible in the previous patches. Also, our players found that when tabbing through the enemies to find a Berserker, looking for the golden border is much easier than looking at the name or portrait.
  • Trash Stealth Skipping: This was a great change; it is now no longer practical to skip the trash. I agree that stealth detection is much more natural than adding an invisible wall or similar.
  • Growth Hormone FX Oddness: Thanks for the change, this fixes our concerns with that ability! The small projectile is not very noticeable but thanks to the changes to egg state visibility, we can quickly see which eggs were hit.
  • Queen aborting Pheromonic Blast: This bug no longer occurred so thank you very much for fixing it!
  • Off center Phase Gate Icon: Yes, this was already fixed in the previous patch.

All in all, I'd say the boss is tuned correctly.
SM is on-par with other SM bosses, so it should be killable by all pugs and guild groups. We only tested SM for a short amount yesterday but noticed no major issues. And thanks for mentioning that empty shells are bolstered differently than not wearing any gear; we were debating about that.
VM feels correctly tuned, maybe slightly underpowered but I think we're biased because we already spent more than ten hours on the boss. This is not a boss that should require five raid nights of progression before the first kill. In the current state, it will also be killable by good pugs but that is the case with all VM bosses (outside of Revan, M&B, Monolith, GftM) so I don't think that's a problem. It was definitely a good idea to buff the boss to 252; 248 would have been too easy.
Here's a video recording of our VM kill.

Regarding the loot, we saw three 252 pieces drop in both SM and VM (the same lockboxes players can get from the 10 dailies weekly). In addition, VM dropped the Forgotten Transformer crafting material.
However, we did not see the Monumental Data Crystal weekly quest that you mentioned; it was not on the terminal or any questgivers. I am also not sure if it is a good idea to reward it from a quest AKA turn it into personal loot. While this does solve loot drama, especially since players need to collect two Monumental Data Crystals on the same character to purchase the item, it means that raid groups will only need to kill the boss 4 times before everyone is best-in-slot. IMO, new content is a good return on investment if players run it just enough times before they become bored by it, and they won't yet be bored after 4 kills. On the other hand, players with multiple classes will still have to kill the boss 4 times per class, and the many trash groups before the boss make it feel repetitive.
If it remains a weekly quest, please ensure that players can pick it up without having to play through the Ossus story.
In any case, I really like the new decoration vendor that you added. This is great solution to keep the data crystals relevant after players are best-in-slot.
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