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Dude chill you have gone from "I think scouts are a bit OP" to palpable hatred of the very existence of the class over the course of your post history.
"Dude" don't make a cheap attack like that, trying to accuse me that I'm getting aggravated. That's teenager BS and you otherwise seem like an adult in these forums. Seriously If I wasn't "Chill" I'd have been raging a long time ago, yet there is no evidence of that.

I saw the words "Worthless Peasants" and my brain couldn't get a handle on what the guy was saying and still can't figure it out. What could Peasants have to do with Star Wars anyway? It doesn't even fit a Lore angle.

Accuse me of what you will in this thread but I have remained active and moderated the focus of this thread well enough that it is the longest thread in GSF forum that has actual discussion(see: GSF records thread for THE longest). I was even willing to let it die but someone else resurrected it and here the discussion continues.

Fact: Many Scout pilots have been very antagonistic in this thread and many others too. The Scout more then any class has been seen as out of balance. I understand how hard it is to stare at potential nerf discussion, my main is Sniper and I'm staring at my AOE the best in the game about to get lobotomized to fall to middle of the pack. But I also understand being a class that is stuck at the back of the group and unappreciated because of it. That same Sniper in Game One Point Early was a chump to any Sorc/sage DPS for a very long time.

In Early Game certain classes were the Devs favorites and others were filler and fought like filler too. This thread among many things asks that question as well. "Did the Devs Love the Scout too much?"

I loved my sniper so much that I stuck with it and eventually I was rewarded, it finally owns the way a Pure DPS should. I feel the same about my Strikers they should feel on par with any other class, but this time I'm not going to wait so quietly for that to happen.
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