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Tbh you can count the number of honest posts in this thread on one hand.

As usual, any threads with this topic always have people saying 'my class does 1 dmg every other class does 1million dmg'.

The truth is:

* the scoundrel nerf was needed, it is now good vs light armour and has more trouble vs heavy armour... working as intended.

* Sages have lots of options to get out of danger / cc, but they lose 1vs1 against most classes.

* Dps sages are one of the lowest dps classes for single target dps. (I would write the lowest, but dont know that for certain)

* Sages are the best healers due to the aoe heal, but when played as dps the only reason for high numbers shown in wzs is due to aoe'ing constantly. (eg Not as effective as high single target dps unless you have lots of people aoe'ing simultaneously).

* The classes are balanced enough that the only imporant factor is gear. If you are in centurion and you are fighting somebody in battlemaster. You WILL lose.

* Most people posting in threads like this see a battlemaster killing people in greens and then instantly make an uninformed assumption that class x is overpowered.
This. I'm playing a Marauder btw and I'm happy with it.