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There are two ways to go:

1) The material seller path-

If you are going to be a material seller, then just take three gathering skills and sell what you get. Use that money to pay for the items that you need.

I would recommend bioanalysis, scavenging, and slicing for this, though some may want to substitute archaeology for one of those.

2) The crafter path-

If you are going to craft, then you will want the associated gathering and mission skills to go with the crafting skill. Just makes life easier.

There are two skills primarily aimed at tech users (armormech and armstech), two at force users (artifice and synthweaving), and two for everyone (biochem and cybertech).

Note that with armstech, armormech, or synthweaving (the skills that can craft augments) there is a need for sliced parts in addition to the scavenged and mission materials, so you could substitute slicing for the gathering or mission skill, though it makes you more dependent upon the GTN for manufacturing the armor, weapons, and barrels that you will be making.

Heck, if you want your force user to be an armormech or amstech, or your tech user an artificer or synthweaver there's no rule against it, of course. Similarly you could choose to be a biochemist but choose scavenging and slicing as your other skills.

They may not be optimal choices in terms of convenience, but there could be money in it.
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