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12.15.2011 , 03:29 AM | #5
I was thinking this too...I am going to play Jedi Guardian and specifically as tank. I saw that I can wear Heavy armor. What crew skill craft heavy Armor? Armormech? with Artifice I can only make Lightsabers?and if yes, does Jedi Guardian takes more advantage from his Lightsaber than his Armor.

I am asking because in all other MMO's I have played usually tanks benefits more from their armor gear than their weapon. I am pretty sure that Biochem/Bioanalysis/Diplomacy will be a decent choice for any class too and a safe choice if you don't know many details about crew skills. For example how is the end game crafts? Are there any BOP crafts that are in great value, or everything is boe and trade-able?

Also everyone say that is great benefit to take Slicing in your first class cause it is a great income of credits...