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I've recently came back to swtor after a few years and I actually enjoy the unranked PVP scene on SS. Personally, I find the most enjoyable games are ones that are somewhat close, either on the scoreboard (k/d's) or in terms of objectives, (doesn't have to be both). Win or lose, close games are better than steamrolls (winning or losing), I imagine I'm not alone feeling this way.

Some obvious culprits being group ques/matchmaking (unfortunately these may always be an issue), but imho, also due to punishing game design in terms of "reviving" / re-entering the map/arena staggered (without teammates) but more significantly, without all of your offensive and defensive CD's available (medpack/adrenal included).

Would it be too gamebreaking if all CD's were reset (exclusion to life warden/maybe some others IDK) on death, similarly to how arena deathmatches work? It would be a small, but impactful boost, for the team/player that just lost the opening skirmish, since their opponents CD's may not be up in time for the next encounter, while theirs' would.. Ideally, this would promote a more back-and-forth match and reduce the amount of games, where players just quit after they, and/or their team gets wiped in the opening minutes and cement their teams doom. I admit, this suggestion may not be 'fair' for the winning side, but eh w/e, hopefully more WZ matches would be close/competitive and therefore more enjoyable for everyone, that's the point of unranked, right?

Also, this change wouldn't be too strong for maps like novare coast, but i think would help out voidstar/odessan and obviously, it only really affects CD's of 2-3 minutes. Has anything like this been tried/discussed and ruled out previously (pts, previous patches etc) ? Overall its a pretty minor change, but i think it could help.
Just curious are you still gearing up and if so how are you doing it?

I just started playing again and run vet mode FPS for gears seems I get about 1-3 gear piece upgrades per run. Guessing at this rate, I ought to be fully geared in a few weeks? I dunno.

Just wondering how others that came back are leveling up and getting gears.
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