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I know my reply is pretty late but I had the same thing happen to me.

i'm a level 31 BH and after completing the great hunt i had about 5 chats to mako onboard my ship in a row which ended with us going to DK
once at DK the same thing happened to me where there was nothing to find in the city.

I went back to my ship, and reset the quest and that fixed it. then when I left the ship back to the city it highlighted the building in the corner next to the trainers and crafting people.

only issue I have now is that the double trouble mako's are both level 40's and kick my arse so easy its shocking...

I cant even do any damage to them
To further add to what I said

I wouldnt even try to take on the mako twins until your at least level 38 or higher.

there is a "no damage" immunity to them until about level 37 / 38 which is why when I took them on they were just impossible.