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It seems kinda murky, even the thread that kinda went violitile that was closed they just repeated the statement which seems vauge if they mean that they're making new companions that are same sex or turning some bi.

I totally agree about Kaliyo. Like on one mission she went "Aww, he's cute, don't you think?" and when I said "he's not my type" i gained affection with her 0_o so it seems suggestive but that's all it seems to be for the moment, just suggestive.

Edit: for option I pick/hope for 2a. As I stated above, Kaliyo does seem to lean both ways and from the glint into her gritty past I can imagine if she had past relationships on both sides of the playing field, so to speak.
I really think Kaliyo as a SS option was in the game or being worked on actively and got cut. A bunch of her chatter is either flirty or calls you babe.

I will reroll my 35 IA if she is eventually added; luckily that story is good enough to go through twice.