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01.17.2012 , 12:43 PM | #13
I really could careless. The only thing i care about is if it keeps people happy and paying subs so the changes I want to see included have funding and get worked on. I can't really see how anyone would be against this unless it was a group decision in a flashpoint. If it's not, it doesnt even effect you. If you don't want the same sex content, don't choose those chat options. It's quite simple and pretty damn selfish for people to say it shouldn't be included. However, if it came down to working on same sex relationships and say working on ability delay and other crucial elements, Id def hope SS stuff is put on the back burner. Yes i realize there are different departments working on all the aspects of this game, but ability delay is more a coding problem than a bug fix i would think. And the coders have to code all the SS stuff in the game. That's the only argument that makes sense against SS content and I'm sure is how Bioware is handling the release of this content and all their planned content for that matter. But even then that issue, if it even exists, would just be a delay in release.

*Note* Will not explore the SS content when put in game and really have no desire to. But that's my choice and in a RP game i would be shocked if Bioware doesn't put this in.