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01.07.2013 , 02:15 PM | #23
Guys, I can tell you that operative concealment is at the moment really hard to play in mini games. Squishy, low dps, no gap closer, energy management problems, unreliable stealth system (people see me from 20-30 meters), the worst thing is that your 2 main attacks are conditional :

- hidden strike can only be used from stealth which is pretty hard to do when you are constantly put out of stealth by direct damages (stealth system broken), I am lucky if I can use that 3-4 times in a bg...
- backstab is only usable in the back of the target.

The only advantage you have is that you're considered such a genuine threat that people continue to play as if you were not present in the battle. May be our second dps spec, lethality is even more broken and unplayable in pvp but I assure you that concealment dps is in a pretty bad shape at the moment.