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Now, that i've regained my speech, that's about as useful as a lead freakin' balloon.

Is this it?! The big fix?
To be clear, we never said that this was going to be a quick fix, in fact, I posted the following:

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Hi folks, I apologize for the delay in updates on this issue, but as I mentioned before, we needed time to gather data and put all of our information together in one digestible format.

We just finished editing a document that we hope to be able to publish as a forum post here in the CS forums as early as tomorrow.

I can tell you that it's going to be a guide on optimization performance (which includes FPS) for your PCs.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences here and for your patience as we work to continually improve your gaming experience.

Every PC is different, and we wanted to help folks understand the different settings in SWTOR and how they each affect performance including FPS. SWTOR is a demanding game and the PC is a complex machine. It's not always possible to have a single "fix" for various issues and our hope is for this guide to act as a reference to help diagnose your specific issues. Thank you for taking the time to read it.