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new match uploaded! check it out! imperium this time instead of mangler
I'm not going to talk much about the Gunship play, it's basically the same old stuff, weapon power management was a little rough and try to plan your barrels a little sooner so you can aim them better, you often only start aiming the barrel once the missile is already in the air. If you start aiming the barrel while they are still locking you'll be able to barrel to cover much easier.

As for the Imperium, I found it very odd you opted for extra ammo over the extra range on Protons in your build. I know you spoke of the fact that you don't like running out of ammo but the extra range on Protons is a really big deal, I'd highly suggest atleast playing with it for a while. In build questions which crew passives are you using for your offensive crewmate? If you're not using extra Arc I highly recommend getting that one.

One thing I'm noticing while you're playing this build is that you're a little too focused on only firing missiles with the slicing combo, for example at the start of the game, a Scout picks up damage overcharge and immediately barrels and you turn away from him. I would have immediately chased him to try to get that proton knowing that I won't even need to use slicing to land it since he doesn't have a missile break for another 15-17 seconds.

A big example of this is at roughly the 4 minute mark, you see a Strike retro, wait until he goes past you and then you lock a proton and slice him and fire it. You do get the kill here but the slice was absolutely not necesary. You then swap to the Quads and Pods scout to engage him however your slice is on cooldown now and he simply barrels away from you.

When an enemy starts turning tightly and you want to find him again, what you want to do is go to slow throttle ("S" by default) and switch out of power to engines (unless you desperately need to regen engine power). At about 2:30 in the video you're trying to find him again and because you're in regular throttle and power to engines your turning speed is slower because you're going faster.

When using directional shields you really only want to change it to a specific direction when you're absolutely certain all the attacks are coming from that way. For example when running away and you know everyone is behind you, you can put them full back. At one point you put shields full back and leave them there for a really long time, you end up taking damage up front a few times that goes almost all straight to hull. My prefered way to use directionals is to keep them balanced 95%+ of the time and after I've taken damage when I use my power dive I cycle them to back > forward > balanced again, this helps with your regeneration since your shield arc that wasn't hit is immediately regenerating and it also refills the side that is taking damage.

In a Strike Fighter the power settings give huge boosts to whatever setting you're in. For example being in F1 (Power to Weapons) in a Strike fighter is a 38% damage increase over being in F3 (Power to Engines) for your primary lasers. This means that by not swaping to power to weapons you're losing a ton of damage. In a Gunship not swaping to Power to Weapons hurts but in the end it's just some lost weapon power, in a Strike Fighter doing is like not using a high damage cooldown.

Later in the video you talk about Barreling off spawn to get back into the action, I'd recommend not doing that unless you're sure the opposition is very far away, keeping access to your break is very important on Gunship. If you do want to get back into it a little faster on your Strike, what you can do is pitch up 45 degrees after spawning and hit power dive this will shoot you up on an angle and then back down on an angle but you'll have gone in the direction you were looking at as you spawned in.

You got some great kills in this video and you can see how much you're really enjoying playing this build. Once you get the hang of all the micro adjustments you'll start to really see why many of the top players believe this is the best 1v1 build in the game right now.

As usual great video, can't wait to see the next one!
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