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You do realize the hateful entity has almost exclusively been killed with 1 tank? You won't ever make the DPS check with 4 tanks, and they simply aren't needed.

Also a few corrections. Dreadtooth 10 stack can be easily defeated with a traditional 16m team 2 tanks 4 heals 10 DPS. You have to kill TFB HM to summon dreadful, and you have to kill SNV NIM to summon Hateful, not HM. Also I don't know why you think more people in group = more tanks. The only thing I would suggest ever running more then 2 tanks for would be Ancient Threat where I prefer to have 3 tanks in the group. I suppose 3 tanks helps on NIM Pilgrim too, other then that there's nothing I can think of that requires 3 tanks.
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