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I don't want to break your optimism, but Hateful Entity is currently one of the hardest DPS-checks ingame combined with one of the most unforgiving boss mechanics. Nothing compared to the other bosses (Dreadtooth, Dreadful Entity) you have to kill before in this bonus series. It's not for fun part of Scum and Villainy Master Mode (actually, it is, but that's some other sort of fun). You definitely need a group of 16 MM-capable players.

You probably can think about crystals of NiM-fury. That eliminates 90% of the mechanic, the healcheck and most of the dps-check. Without crystals, it is what it is: A 16man Nightmare-bonus-boss.

Regarding Dreadtouth and Dreadful: You just need 2 tanks to deal with the tank swap mechanic. For Hateful, you just need 1 tank.

However, when you start forming a group and raiding, you have my best wishes for luck. These are definitely enjoyable boss encounters.

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