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Hello everyone! Ive been playing the game since release and there are some things i still have never done. One being getting the Crest of the Dread Masters. I was hoping i could get a team together to do this on Star Forge. My character name is Akame.

Before you continue reading you WILL NEED to already have a Dread Gaurds corrupted mask dropped from Dreadtooth.

From what I understand Dreadtooth drops a amulet we’ll need to summon the Dreadful Entity, but i dont have the ability to get him on 10 stacks (need someone with the ability to do this). I also read Nightmare Dreadtooth requires 20-24 players to defeat (correct if im wrong) if this is the case we will break off into two groups. After we have the amulet we have to run TFB HM and summon the hidden boss, Dreadul Entity, which will in turn drop an orb required to summon the Hateful Entity in SnV HM.

You MUST have a Dread Gaurds Corrupted Mask (or Crest for those who may want to help)
HM geared - this means at least rank 246 average gear

We will need 4 Tanks 4 Healers and 7 DPS
If dreadtooth requires 24m we need 8 Tanks 8 Healers and 15 DPS - we will break off into teo teams for the other bosses.

If you are interested please comment your character name and role.

I remember needing nightmare crystals in the past for this, if they are no longer a thing and this can just be run please let me know.
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