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There are obviously a ton of choices along the way in the KotFE/KotET/Iokath/Traitor FPs/Alliance Alert stories.

If the auto-complete only completes the story as "Light" for Republic characters and "Dark" for Imperial ones, this will be really problematic.

In particular, the worst effect will be which potential companions are accepted or killed off due to an auto-completed choice. Also, much of the point of the Light/Dark system was we could play characters within a given faction in different ways. Auto-completing decisions based on faction, Republic will be Light and Empire will be Dark, will essentially ruin those characters' stories for players that have opposite alignments within the respective factions.

In general, I think a good potential compromise is to let Light-aligned characters auto-complete with Light choices, and Dark-aligned with Dark, instead of making it faction-based. Ideally, we should be able to complete Alliance Alerts on our own, making decisions for ourselves on who we want to recruit.

The main hurdle in many SWTOR players not taking most of their characters into the KotFE game is how long it takes to complete KotFE and KotET/Iokath/Traiter FPs, when it isn't enjoyable to replay the story on more than 2 or perhaps 3 at most. I'm sure there are players that did it on like 18 or 43 characters or something, but most of us can barely get it done on 2, one main on each faction.

We've been waiting for a way to skip it, and the news that there would be an auto-complete to Ossus is really welcome. We can finally bring all our characters up to the current place in the game's story.

Please make sure this auto-complete is able to best anticipate how Light or Dark-aligned characters would likely behave in choices to the greatest extent possible. What was mentioned in the most recent live stream I believe was something that is faction-based, and this simply doesn't comport with how we've played our characters.
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