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04.26.2019 , 09:36 PM | #5
The planet arrival schematics for Ossus and Makeb seem to also be of the old, less cinematic style. I got the old cinematic while going to Corellia once, but went back and didn't get it on the repeat attempt. (Ossus and Makeb were the old-style cinematic on repeat attempts.)

I also noticed that you don't get any sort of cinematic if you use the galaxy map on your ship to travel to Section X, but I tested Black Hole after going to Section X (where I got no cinematic) and got the Belsavis entry cinematic while landing at Black Hole.

Hopefully updates for those are on the way. I think this really improves the visual appeal of the game for new players. Most current players probably just use the map to zip about, rather than use their ships, but the cinematics are so pretty that I might travel by ship more frequently just to enjoy them. The battle over Ord Mantell, the ship in orbit of Republic Balmorra, and the warships over Tython and the fleet are nice touches. I didn't test any Imperial-side cinematics.

I noticed when going through all the planets to check out the entry cinematics that the location names on Manaan are displaying as numeric gibberish (areaId, mapNameId, etc) instead of their correct names.

It'd be neat to see the planet departure cinematics updated, too, at least the one where the ship leaves the orbital space station. That one seems more clunky and dated than the others for some reason.