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So I typed out a really long, point by point reply, and then my router took a dive and had to be reset. However, this whole wall of text can be summed up with one line: "I pay a sub, so everything they ever make for this game should be free, including services that every other MMO charges for" such as name changes. No. A sub does not entitle you to any of these privileges, such as name changes on whatever, or cosmetic armors/mounts/weapons etc. The only thing that does that is your sense of entitlement.

You agree to the terms of the sub when you pay it. How do you come around to the conclusion that you're entitled to anything above and beyond what it's listing? IF you decide that it's not worth the money, there's nobody sitting in your living room with a shot gun, forcing you to pay it. Stop paying, drop back to preferred, and enjoy all those perks you don't get any more. This whole thread is based on "I want everything not covered in my sub for free, and because it's not, it's bad".
I characterize my position a little differently:

"I pay $155.88 a year, every year, for a 'Premium' experience. It ought not subject me to pay-to-win transactions, pay-walled account management, withheld amenities, and gambling products."
(written in gold to reflect the divine glow of its truth)

I understand the terms of service. I'd rather advocate for positive change than walk away.