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I just worked on a stat guide using a lot of the old theorycrafters info. You should read bants work on forums because majority of this stuff always has been figured out, math included. Bant basically did the math on how much dps/hps you get from each augment to figure out which stats was more optimal.

For healers, the amount of hps you gain from master/power is slightly lower then crit/alacrity. That’s why healers only stack alacrity/crit. The amount of crit, for example, you would need for it to start being worse then a point of master is around like 3500 crit (an absurd amount). Alacrity is a lower amount but still enough to make mastery/power non-optimal to stack with the current stat pool.
Right Hottie, which is why I posed the question of the thread. I am wondering if the adrenals follow the same principles as augments … in other words, is boosting Critical Rating from an adrenal superior to boosting Force Tech power? RikuvonDrake says it isn't. Bant's model never accounted for the GCD rounding, because we never knew about it, and given that, there is room for extra crit in most builds. I laid out the math for why the Alacrity adrenal does not get anyone to a new GCD breakpoint in the OP, making a case for why either the Crit adrenal or the Power adrenals would be better. So, the only question remaining is if 870 Crit Rating for 15 sec is superior to 870 F/T Power for heals, or really any class.

EDIT: Also, most people still recommend FR/SA relics over some combination that includes the crit proc based Devastating Vengeance. I presume that's because of the size of the mastery and power procs. Is that true for adrenals too, or is the boost too small and crit wins out?
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