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I am always interested in new thoughts regarding gearing and usage of consumables, but I feel that your argument for using either Alacrity or Critical, instead of the Triage adrenal doesn't really hold up, I have summarized your arguments below.
  1. Healers often need to do some dps and triage adrenal hinders this
  2. Nice to have an adrenal that can boost both HPS and/or DPS
  3. Save you money when you want to respec dps

Naturally, this feels quite weird, yea I agree with you that healers quite often have globals over to deal damage, even in Nightmare both healers can easily have 1k-1.5k DPS depending on the skill and gear of the players in the team, but I hardly ever feel the need for increased healing and damage overlaps, in particular for the short duration (15 seconds) the adrenal lasts.

Reusable consumables made by Biochem can be quite helpful, having an attack adrenal as well as a triage adrenal will ensure you can swap around depending on if you are DPS spec or Healing spec if you wish to save credits. However, for now, Triage adrenal is by far the more superior adrenal for healing, if you wish to readjust your available boost of starts, a Boundless Ages relic seems to be, by far, the superior choice instead of swapping to suboptimal adrenals.

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