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Greetings all,

In light of the alacrity revelations a few months ago I've been pondering the optimal use of adrenals. Resources are scarce and if there are adrenals I can share between characters and disciplines that helps. Since I do end game content that is both at-level and level synced, there is a reason to be concerned about adrenals which boosts stats already being capped/nerfed by Level sync. I'm going to focus on the Sage versions of procs and abilities.

The adrenal ostensibly meant for damage dealers, the "Attack" one that boosts Power but reduces healing by 20%, seems like it would be inferior to the crit or alacrity adrenal in level synced areas, but possibly even at end game. Same with the "Triage" one ostensibly meant for healers which boosts Force and Tech power but nerfs damage by 20%. Furthermore, in some content its either helpful or even necessary for healers to do some dps, and it would be nice to have an adrenal that would be efficacious regardless of whether you needed to do damage or heal. Finally, I am often needed to swap disciplines for my guild, and so in order to save on resources, having one adrenal that can function regardless of discipline is helpful. Some of the (outdated) healing guides on Dulfy mention use of the Efficacy adrenal of which the Advanced Polybiotic version boosts alacrity by 870 as BiS for healers. But, in light of the GCD breakpoints, I decided to re-explore this.

TL, DR: It doesn't seem by math like the Alacrity Adrenal buffs alacrity % enough to get your HPS up, so it seems like critical adrenals should be better.

Warning, lots of math below in the spoiler tag:


Now, of course, in pvp, having to stand still to get off a Deliverance is a big problem but you cannot use biochem adrenals in pvp areas anyway! So, any benefit an alacrity adrenal would have for healers would have to be in pve encounters. If I am not getting more ticks in, or getting casts off within a single GCD, I can't see the effect making a difference over the long run. In theory, getting Deliverance casted a few hundredths of a second before my tank dies is important, but in practice, has that really saved anyone? I mean, can you honestly point to a MM operation where your tank would have lived if your deliverance activation was 1.67 seconds instead of 1.72 seconds?

So, it leads me to ask you all: is the alacrity adrenal really BiS for sage healers, in the 5.9.1 era? Is it useful for any class, really? If you are a Seer Sage player that does a mix of level synced and at-level content, and you want an adrenal you could use for dps or heals, isn't the critical adrenal be best in slot?
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