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PVE players, even with the rollout of 5.8 raw as it is now, were not excluded. We had not one but two rampages, and they were repeatable, meaning that you could kill 250 mobs on Hoth and 250 mobs on Illum for points as much as you wanted, and going forward, with the point requirement reduced from 20k to 15k for personal conquest goal, those points will go farther.
Ilum: Rampage. 1000 conquest points, x2 or x3 if invading Ilum, with a 150% bonus for maxed strongholds. That's 3500 to 4500 conquest points. Now, with a maxed stronghold bonus, it's 825 points. Repeatable once per day, that's four or five _days_ you have to dedicate toward getting the same points you could have earned from the one-and-done version it was before. But you can run it on other alts, too... and take away time more 'profitably' spent grinding your first character to get to their personal conquest goal.

Or look at the 'random flashpoint, must be eligible for daily reward' goal. 1000 points, another 1000 for Battle of Ilum at any difficulty, another 1000 for the five veteran flashpoint goal. 150% stronghold bonus, 15-30 minutes per flashpoint, and that's 15,000 conquest points for four characters in two hours, with an additional 2500 (and the Ilum invasion bonus for another 1000) for one character. One war supply at 2000 base for another 5000, an invasion force for another 2000 base/5000 end, and you've got personal conquest on two characters, with plenty of time during the week to run out 5000 points for each of the other two characters -- another daily flashpoint for each of them is half of that, and you've got the rampage for one character and any of the base personnel, commanders, operations, GSF, and PvP goals for the fourth -- and you still have time to work on leveling a character or two. But now Bioware's made it more 'challenging', which seems to mean 'grind your tuchis off and you can get it on one character, good luck getting it on two; forget three or four unless you don't have a life', with new ways to throw the time and effort you put into gathering mats for war supplies and invasion forces down a rathole -- seriously, destroying war supplies for a little extra conquest points, after they jacked the cost of making them into the sky and disenfranchised the low-skill characters in the process?

And the guild invasion rewards -- you get a base return for invading a 'small' planet, one and a half times the reward for meeting a goal three times as high, or twice the reward for meeting a goal five times as high. And being in the top ten while doing it. Most conquest guilds don't pick their targets on the basis of the reward, they do it because their guild members need the planet to complete their conquest. If a large guild needs the planet selected as a 'small' invasion, they'll do it, and the small guilds now competing against a large guild are SoL.