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a. increase the amount of items a significant amount, based on their yield type. For example, level 50 influence companion, doing a grade 1 Rich yield mission, takes ~ 1 minute to complete, and nets by default if I remember correctly, 8 items, with a bonus of 2 or 3 items if the companion crits the mission. Tie the output to the character level if you have to, so that a normal leveling character is not producing tons of goods, but the output needs to be increased. That grade 1 Rich Yield, should be dropping at least 50 materials, Bountiful ~ 25, Abundant ~10, Moderate ~5, and the Wealthy ones from found missions should be at least 100 items gained. And yes, if you crit the mission, tie the companions influence into the bonus items, with a level 50 companion doubling the amount. give me a reason to have multiple level 50 companions.
Rather than doing this, have the tier difference when you send your companions out determine the level of reward you get. Send a companion out on a tier 1 mission for tier 1 rewards, or a tier 5 mission for tier 5 rewards, or a tier 10 mission for tier 10 rewards, and you get the basic return result. Send a companion out on a tier 2 mission for tier 1 rewards, and you get a higher return if successful. Each mission tier up past the tier of the rewards returns more mats. If you've got a Scavenging skill of 600, and you send a companion out with all of that skill behind them looking for Desh, they're going to be better at it than sending a companion out for Desh with a Scavenging skill of 10.