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03.25.2018 , 06:32 PM | #506
I am in a conquest oriented guild and we just (barely) managed to get the yield needed for invading a large planet. The last few hundredthousand points needed came from running killing illum republic base over and over again on alts.

This is not repeatable as an experience as the boredom and mindnumbingness of it all is not something I ever want to do again. I do hope that besides adding in the FP's and PVP again for conquest also the points for the activities get a decent look at so they are in line with how it was pre 5.8. I.e. where you could easily cap a multitude of characters from just doing some pvp, fp's, gsf, ops, crafting, heroics as a last resort aso.

It should be telling that previously you had 30 guilds getting the reward. I think there are less now. Looking at DM I see only 2 guilds qualifying for the large planet, 2 or 3 for the medium. Possibly there are many qualifying for the small planet, but you would and should expect that the large majority if not all of the top 10 on large and medium planets should also make the cap.

Now take away the 10K bug and the numbers would look much worse than they even do right now.

I do sincerely hope that FP's and PVP will not be added in with the insanely small reward you get for GSF, but with values very comparable to pre 5.8