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Objectives and their points Ė Conquests are meant to be an activity that someone can work on throughout the week as they play the game. Previously, Conquests were very homogenized in that there was very little diversity among each week. We used this opportunity to spread out what objectives were available in each Conquest.
"Complete a random flashpoint through Group Finder; must be eligible for the daily reward", IIRC for 1,000 points base, plus the occasional one-and-done per legacy "Complete flashpoint XXX in any mode" for another 1,000 points. One random flashpoint per day for five days -- "worked on throughout the week" -- got you the conquest reward for completing the five-veteran-flashpoints mission. In the revamped conquest, 'Complete Battle of Ilum on any difficulty mode" awards -- with a full stronghold bonus -- 325 points. But it's repeatable... which, for six days at max stronghold bonus, earns you less than you would have earned doing the daily random FP, the veteran-flashpoints mission, and the one-and-done Battle of Ilum under the old setup. Yes, we can work on it throughout the week... but we don't even come close to earning what we used to... and the personal conquest goal is the same.

Crafting - Crafting is a key part of Conquests, and we certainly did not want to remove that. However, we know the use of War Supplies and crafting was contributing too much to the overall competition of Conquests. For that reason, we reduced the overall effectiveness of Crafting, but added new functionality to War Supplies that they can be consumed to add Conquest points. Allowing you to get points out of them twice if you want, or you could craft them on one character and then move them to other characters to gain conquest points.
So the crafting 150 characters who used to be able to craft war supplies and invasion forces, earning conquest points on their own, get relegated to making intermediate components and feeding them to the characters who can make the grade 8 and 9 intermediate components that are needed for every type of war supply, making them less able to participate in conquest by taking away one of their sources of conquest points.

If crafting is making up too much of conquest, change the rewards from a 'once per item' for war supplies to a set of tiered 'once per character' goals -- 'craft one war supply', 'craft five war supplies', 'craft 10 war supplies', 'craft 25 war supplies', etc. This allows both tuning the reward value for each tier of reward and varying the number of tiers available for a particular week -- a week might only have the 'craft one war supply' objective, like most of the weeks under the previous conquest setup, or could have the first three goals, or might be a full-blown crafting week, with goals up to, say, 500 war supplies.

Interface Ė We gave the interface a facelift (as outlined in the other post) to make it easier to find activities you may want to complete.
A laudable goal... but taking away many of the choices of activity we used to have, and degrading the 'reward' for the ones that remain to a point where they're not worth the time to complete them, should have been seen from the beginning as a poor choice.

Large Yield Target Rewards Arenít Good Enough
We are seeing concerns that the Large (and possibly Medium) Yield rewards simply arenít good enough to warrant the extra points required. That this may cause most Guilds to simply filter down into Small Yields, which is counter-productive to the goal of getting Guilds to split a bit by Guild size.
Plan: This is something we are sensitive to but without seeing actual participation data around Conquests, we are hesitant to make changes just yet. We will monitor in the coming weeks and make any needed changes in 5.9 and beyond.
Let's see... Base reward for 'small' invasions... 'medium' invasions have roughly three times the cost for one and a half times the reward... and 'large' invasions have roughly five times the cost for twice the rewards. Unless you're gating the more 'desirable' planets behind assigning them as 'large' invasions, there is zero incentive to invade anything other than a 'small' planet on the basis of the rewards you get. Someone at Bioware wrote the spiel for the vendor selling roast Gorak on Asylum... did no one see that you were doing the same thing with conquest rewards?